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Graffer farm

Graffer farm is a farm that is situated in Lom in Norway. Graffer was built in the early 1700 and has alot of history. The farm is today runned by Hans Martin Graffer. On the farm its about 20 milking cows, calfes and some heifers.
On the farm it is also three horses, two of the horses are the norwegian breed Fjordhorse. 
They also have seven hens and one rooster.

Since Graffer was built so early the farm has alot of history and thats why they have started a museum that is open for larger groups by appointment. 

In the old days in Norway it was very common for the norwegian people to have a bunad. A bunad is a folk costume that was used in weddings and other festivities. The bunad was special for each part of the country, but on Graffer they made their own bunad with inspiration to pattern and colours from the farm. The original Bunad is still to see on museum the farm has.

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